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Pastries, ice cream, puddings, biscuits... We all have a sweet tooth! But what if you want to live healthier? If you want to lose weight? Or, if you suffer from diabetes? Tagatesse comes to the rescue! It’s the ideal sweetener for your sweet tooth, without the guilt!

Tagatesse is a Tagatose derived sweetener. This natural ingredient is derived from lactose, is delicious and boasts numerous health benefits.  

With Tagatesse you don’t need to worry about putting on extra pounds as it only contains 1.76 kilocalories per gram, whereas natural sugar contains 4 kilocalories per gram.

And, with Tagatesse you can create tasty treats to put on the table. Simply replace your usual amount of sugar in hot or cold dishes with half that amount of Tagatesse.  It is guaranteed to retain its sweetness (even at high temperatures) and is tasty too!

To conclude, Tagatesse plays a very special role in the upcoming low carb story. Would you like to know more about low carb? Read it in our fun low carb blog.

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