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Pastry, ice cream, pudding, biscuits... We all love sweet! But what if you want to live a healthier life? If you want to lose weight? Or if you suffer from diabetes? Then Damhert's sweeteners range is just right for you, because thanks to these products you can enjoy sweetness to the full!

In this range you will find Tagatesse in various forms for baking or for sweetening. All these products have a delicious sweet taste, no chemical aftertaste and a low calorie and carbohydrate value, which makes them ideal for people who want or have to avoid sugar. But people on a low-carb or keto diet are also in luck, because the oligosaccharide and polyol values of all our sweeteners do not have to be included in the carbohydrate calculation. Because our body does not absorb them.

In addition to these benefits, the Without sugars Tagatesse and Tagatesse 200g are ideal for baking and cooking. You can easily replace the sugar in all your cold and hot preparations with both Tagatesse sweeteners. Without sugars Tagatesse has a 1:1 sugar ratio, whereas with our other sweetener the amount of sugar needs to be halved. So with Tagatesse, you can easily make any dessert without sugars.

Finally, we also have our sweeteners in different dispensers, which you can refill with our refill pack. These sweeteners fit perfectly into your backpack or handbag, so you can enjoy a coffee or tea sweetened with Tagatesse on the go.


Baking, cooking, sweetening and enjoying without sugars is what you do with Damhert's Tagatesse sweeteners.

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