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As a pioneer in the functional food sector, Damhert Nutrition is taking the next big step towards a better environment and a healthier lifestyle. From now on, your trusted Damhert quality is also available in cleaning products.

Our strength is innovation

Damhert would not be Damhert if we did not immediately unpack a full range of products. As of today you can approach us for the following products:

  • ECO Washing liquid – say no to stains from coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, ...
  • ECO Dishwashing liquid – gives a new dimension to dirty dishes
  • ECO Multi surfaces cleaner – dissolving lime was never better
  • ECO Toilet cleaner – Give your floor extra shine.

After extensive testing by the European Union, all Damhert cleaning products were awarded the EU Ecolabel. But what exactly does that Ecolabel mean? The EU Ecolabel is a European label for ecological products. The EU Ecolabel guarantees that production takes place in an environmentally friendly manner. It is therefore mainly an environmental label. The label will only be awarded to products with a reduced environmental impact. In addition it also pays a great deal of attention to animal welfare.

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