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Damhert wins coveted EU Ecolabel

As a pioneer in the functional food sector, we are committed to the development, production and distribution of healthy food. For more than 40 years Damhert Nutrition has been striving for a better environment and a healthier lifestyle. These values are now also being transferred to our new cleaning products through the coveted EU Ecolabel. The dishwashing liquid, the toilet cleaner, the multi surfaces cleaner and the washing liquid.  

What is the EU Ecolabel?

After a series of extensive tests by the European Union, all Damhert cleaning products were awarded the EU Ecolabel. But what exactly does this label stand for?

The EU Ecolabel is a European label for ecological products. The EU Ecolabel guarantees that production takes place in an environmentally friendly manner. It is therefore mainly an environmental label. It is only awarded to products with a reduced environmental impact. In addition, it pays a great deal of attention to animal welfare.

Damhert & Ecolabel, the ideal match

Damhert stands for a number of important values. We also transfer these to our ecological cleaning products. All these values correspond to the EU Ecolabel.

  • Focus on best quality
  • Natural products
  • Respect for people, animals and the environment
  • 100% Belgian
  • Very low ecological impact
  • Renewable/vegetable origin
  • NOT tested on animals
  • Total vegan

In addition to these values, we offer 100% washing power, with a fresh and delicious scent.

Read all about our new cleaning products now & take a look at our testimony on the EU Ecolabel website here.

Damhert wins coveted EU Ecolabel

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