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The newest products from Damhert

Damhert is expanding its organic, gluten-free, Slim and vegan range to start 2020 with brilliance.

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Tasteful and without Sucrose!

Ketchup without worries

Do you know anyone who still remembers his very first ketchup experience? We do not believe. Ketchup is a daily concept for many people. A delight that suits a wide variety of meals and dishes. Especi...

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NEW RECIPE for the SLIM vanilla, chocolate and banana meal replacement shakes

Damhert first wants to apologize for the fact that we have put your patience to the test, but our SLIM vanilla and chocolate meal replacement shakes are available again.

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Legumes and Damhert: What is the connection?

The aim of Damhert is to bring healthy food onto the market that benefits everyone without harming people, animals and the environment. Legumes have the same purpose.

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Which gluten-free products are a must on the market?

The celiac association recently conducted a poll among its members about the gluten-free range.

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