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Back to school: Giveaway for the students

The school year starts on 1 September for many students. To draw attention to this and to support the students, Damhert is doing a contest of lunchboxes.

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Damhert goes ECO(label)

Damhert wins coveted EU Ecolabel

As a pioneer in the functional food sector, we are committed to the development, production and distribution of healthy food. For more than 40 years Damhert Nutrition has been striving for a better en...

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Did you know that Damhert has a range of artisanal sauces?

Delaan is the range of artisan sauces produced by Damhert.

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Is your diet Nutri-proof?

Discover it soon on our packaging!

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Why do we love gluten-free?

Did you know that gluten actually exist as a group of proteins? That it occurs naturally in wheat, rye and barley? So that it is also present in all the products made from these grains?

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Low Carb: The next big thing

More and more, we are seeing the term 'low carb' appear on certain foodstuffs, on packaging, in advertising folders, in promotional brochures. Low carb is hot. But what exactly does this concept mean?...

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