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Afternoon tea time!

With the gluten free Damhert products

Organize a gluten free afternoon tea time party at home with our delicious pastries and tea!

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Gluten Free baguette in promo!

Order 1 gluten free baguette and receive one for free!

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New vegan products!

Falafel/quinoa and lentil burger

New in the assortment: falafel/quinoa burger and lentil burger. 2 delicious meat substitutes!

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As seen on TV: Take a look at our Tagatesse TV commercial!


Slim and fit during the summer with the whole family!

Want to stay slim and fit during the summer with your family? Follow the helpful tips of Damhert!

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Tagatose, is it the sugar of the future? Absolutely!

Tagatose is a sugar (monosaccharide), but with very different properties than the standard table sugar that we know today as sucrose or saccharose.

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Tagatose, what is it?

Tagatose is a natural sugar with delicious sweet taste and a low calorie content. Also convenient for diabetics!

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Damhert is the perfect match for me due to my healthy lifestyle. Everytime I go to the supermarket, I spot another awesome product!

Lisa L, 25 years old


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